Christopher Hudson
Christopher Hudson is an international evangelist, and the Speaker / Director of The Forerunner Chronicles Ministry. Through the use of immersive multi-media productions, mass literature distribution campaigns, and setting up centers of influence in cities and rural communities, his ministry aims to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel on a global scale. God has blessed him to have his wife Denise & his daughter Heaven as his trusted co-laborers in this finishing work.
Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci, Co-Founder, Senior Speaker and Director of Ministry and Program Development for Coming Out Ministries
Michael speaks on the background of his personal story: As a transgender man, he led a homosexual lifestyle and was a sex addict for over twenty years. Then he accepted Jesus Christ. From that moment on, he discovered the healing process that the Bible describes as a cleansing and restoring love relationship with Jesus Christ. He came to know God for the first time when, through Jesus, he experienced God's constant love and willingness to sacrifice and learned from him how to walk his way unwaveringly in a world of temptation. He realized how he could give himself completely to God and experience peace every moment. Michael explains what helped him to overcome his broken past. He shares his overcoming experience so that others may also find healing through a solid dependance on Jesus.



Roman Ril

Roman Ril and his wife Raluca run the association Amevera Lifestyle e.V. Together they want to support people in their physical, mental and character development. Their services include: Health coaching, emotional counseling, lectures and workshops - online and in person.


Maurice Berry

Maurice Berry

Maurice Berry was born in the 1950s amid the decay of the legendary motor city of Detroit and grew up in one of its suburbs. Gangs, violence and family disputes shaped his life. He actually wanted to study art. But when he cut his wrists in an accident, which miraculously healed almost completely, he realized that there had to be more to life. His search for God began. Today he is a colporter, international speaker and director of a Bible school in Ecuador. His ministry's name is The Mighty Angel Ministries.



Anita Tun

Anita Tun (Special Guest)

  • Born into an SDA home in Belize, Central America
  • Has taught from primary school to university level in SDA educational system for 32 years
  • Enjoys teaching denominational Bible subjects
  • Served the church in different capacities: AY leader, Sabbath School Director, church clerk
  • Loves children, gardening and traveling
  • Is enjoying her missionary life in Ethiopia as General Manager of L'ESPERANCE Children's Village and School in Akaki at the outskirts of Addis Ababa



Sitota Fikadu

Sitota Fikadu lived as an orphan in the children's village L'ESPERANCE Akaki for 13 years until she went to college. In the children's village, she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. Today, she still serves the children's village as a children's Sabbath school helper in the Adventist church on campus and sings in the church choir.


Raimund Fuchs

Raimund Fuchs was born in Salzburg and has been working as an adult educator, marriage and family counselor and pastor since 1977. He has two married children and is also a grandfather. Despite his retirement, he gives many lectures and seminars in Europe. He speaks from mature life experience, always spiced with a dash of humor.

YouTube Channel



Frank Thierauf

Frank Thierauf – neither a theologian nor a philosopher – but shaped by the firm belief in the near return of our Lord. He sees his mission in telling other people about it and in helping them – blessed by craftsmanship and versatility – to prepare for the coming time in a very practical, realistic, hands-on way. Frank is part of the hoffnung weltweit ministry


John Davis

John Davis, with his wife Dorothy, has been publishing and selling Christian Adventist literature and music CDs through their family publishing company, Orion Publishing, since 1997. John is an international speaker with 37 years of experience in self-supporting missionary work. He and his wife have been married for 36 years and reside in Cottonwood, Northern California, from where they run their publishing company.



Stephan Kobes
Stephan Kobes works as a life counselor and Bible worker. He appreciates sharing the treasures of heaven with other people. Towards this end is always on the lookout for open doors. Also, he serves as the treasurer of hoffnung weltweit and is part of the organizing team ot the European Adventist Agriculture Conference.
Roberto Castillo Arévalo

My name is Roberto Castillo Arévalo, I am married to Antonia and we have two sweet daughters from our father: Debora and Tabita. I am currently working as an assistant preacher at the Hanse Conference in Northern Germany. God has given me a task to plant a new church in Teterow (Mecklenburg Switzerland). My enthusiasms: Leading people to Jesus, working in the garden, cycling and I enjoy being out in nature.


Eva Paul

Eva Paul comes from Romania and lives in Freiburg and France. After graduating from high school, she majored in piano at the Karlsruhe University of Music with Prof. Sontraud Speidel and completed her Master's degree at the University of Minnesota, USA.

Since her earliest youth, Eva Paul has grappled with questions about the meaning and purpose of life and is particularly interested in literature and philosophy.

She has also been a writer since 2010. In 2016, she published the eventful and exciting story of her family in a biography. ("Weder Tod noch Leben", Advent-Verlag Lüneburg) and in 2020 she published her novel "BlauHimmel", the first volume of a trilogy about the history of redemption.



Stine Gro Struksnæs

Stine Gro Struksnæs (46) has for decades worked as a Bible worker in various countries and capacities and has a special passion for helping children closer to Jesus. In 2022 she founded “TENT Ministry”. She is running weekly zoom programs for children in various languages, running children’s choirs/groups, helping out with Sabbath school work and teaching at camps.


PROGRAM for age 7–11

Julija Neubauer

My name is Julija Neubauer, I am 35 years old, happily married and mother of two wonderful children. I am in charge of the Nuremberg Marienberg Seventh-day Adventist Church and praise God each day again for blessing me with His gift of working with children.


PROGRAM for age 3–6

Madlen Leune

I am Madlen Leune. I am 39 years old and the mother of three wonderful daughters (16, 15 and 13 years old). I love working with people, helping them in their distress, encouraging and comforting them. I have the privilege to live this in my ministry at GottErfahren Faith & Life Counseling.

PROGRAM for age 0–2

Jolina Thierauf

Hey, my name is Jolina Thierauf. I'm 18 years old and I'm currently doing an apprenticeship in healthcare.


Program for age 0–2

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