From 1888 to the new theology

Minneapolis 1888, and to this day many look back on this date with a mixture of curiosity and awe. We suspect that special and moving scenes must have taken place back then, but little is known about what exactly it was all about. Yet today more than ever we need an understanding of the events around 1888! So it is not surprising that God in His providence lets the light of that General Conference shine again. Does God not long to gloriously bring the work to its conclusion through us in these days? Then we can be sure that He will also help us to gain a precise knowledge of the events in Minneapolis, so that we learn the decisive lessons of this history - and not reject the gift of heaven this time!

  • 1. On the Eve of Minneapolis
  • 2. The Spirit of Minneapolis
  • 3. On the Threshold of Eternity
  • 4. 1888 – The time of the Latter Rain?
Paul Blumenthal

Paul Blumenthal is a lecturer at a school for naturopaths in Berlin, where he teaches anatomy, physiology and pathology. In addition, he conducts oral exams for naturopaths as an examination assessor of the public health department. Before, he and his wife Susanne spent several years abroad to work in Healthcare facilities such as Uchee Pines Institute (USA) and Woodland Health Retreat (Portugal) to be trained in naturopathy.

The Revelation of God

The story of fallen humanity is found in the sequence of the biblical books: it begins in the first book when God was maligned and ends in the last book when He is revealed. The lie gave Satan his power, the truth in Jesus snatches it away from him. The great battle between light and darkness, which has lasted for about 6,000 years, is indeed a battle for the liberating, saving truth about God. To observe this struggle in biblical history and to better understand our own role as God's witnesses in the "hour of judgment" is the goal of this seminar.

  • 1. The Forgotten Song of Moses
  • 2. God and the Nameless Ones
  • 3. A New Look at the Book of Daniel
  • 4. The Moment of Tuth
José Suazo

Johannes Kolletzki grew up as the fifth of six pastor's children in the small village of Scharnhorst (Lower Saxony). He went to school at Marienhöhe (Darmstadt), studied theology (two years of which he spent in South Africa) and later information technology. After very fulfilling years as an editor, translator and programmer of the ministry Amazing Discoveries, he felt the call to start his own preaching ministry, which focuses on the rediscovery of the eternal gospel "Christ our righteousness" in its depth. He is author of the book 95 Theses for the Adventist Church, which can be found on the web at

Johannes is married to the physiotherapist Mira, and they have a 5-year-old son Joschua.

Youth seminar

Thoughts, Acts, and Feelings

  • 1. Mindset and EQ
  • 2. What Can We Learn from the Lion?
  • 3. What Can We Learn from the Eagle?
  • 4. What do Joseph and Samson Have to Share with Us?
Paul Blumenthal

Edwin Voerman ist als Sohn von Adventisten in den Niederlanden aufgewachsen.
Seit 2005 ist er als Missionar unterwegs. Während der letzten 13 Jahre
hat Edwin in 13 Ländern gelebt und sogar noch mehr besucht.

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