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Think on These Things

FRANK FOURNIER will analyze the following questions with us: How do we define ourselves? On what basis to we come to our conclusions? Is what Satan whispers in our ears definitive? Are we influenced by what we think people think of us? Or the things they do for or against us? Is what we think about ourselves true, honest, and trustworthy? How can we judge? How does God help us with that?

  • 1. Just a Thought
  • 2. As a Man Thinks
  • 3. My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts
  • 4. Thoughts that Heal

Healing, Sanctification, and Victory!

Mental distress, loneliness, the feeling of not being understood and fear of the approaching future are current impressions of many people. Many people cannot find a fulfilling meaning in their lives. There are people whose faith gives them a certain stability and yet they lack the certainty of salvation, the enjoyment of inner peace and the joy of the heart. ROMAN RIL invites us on a journey to discover the causes of need in this world and in our hearts! to discover! Let's explore together how we can personally experience healing of our wounded hearts, sanctification of our thinking and feeling and victory over harmful habits today!

  • 1. Who Am I and What Is the Meaning of My Life?
  • 2. What Prevents Me From Being Free?
  • 3. Who Is Jesus and Why Do I Need Him?
  • 4. How Can I Experience Emotional Healing and Freedom From Emotional Burden in My Life?

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