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SEMINAR: The Voice of the Prophets and What We Have to Do Now

"Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be safe. And believe his prophets, and you will prosper." (2 Chronicles 20:20)

We are on the brink of both: the takeover of Satan in this world and the renewal of the Advent movement and the completion of its mission. Jesus can give us the latter rain and initiate the loud cry as soon as we as a church have fully received the testimony of Jesus.

In his seminar, Christopher Hudson wants to hear the voice of the prophets anew with us. To hear them where we have overheard, misunderstood or unintentionally disregarded them. The aim is to emphasise precisely those revelations and instructions that are essential for God's work for this world to be completed in and through us.

The steps we have to take will require faith and courage. The path is narrow, but it is safe and prepared.

The victory of Jesus' church depends on it.


  • 1. Voice of the Prophets 1
  • 2. Voice of the Prophets 2
  • 3. Voice of the Prophets 3
  • 4. Voice of the Prophets 4

SEMINAR: In His Image

Michael Carducci will guide us through the following topics:


  • 1. The Sexual Experiment: In Genesis 1:27, God made man in His image and the enemy of man has been trying to destroy this image ever since. How is that relating to us as Christians in the contemporary world and the way that identity and sexuality is being redefined?
  • 2. LGBTQ & the Church: How the world deals with the LGBTQ issue and how is it affecting the church. Learn about where we are in Earth’s History to sense the times in which we a re living and also how can the Church address this attack on Biblical Sexuality in a way that will be redemptive and loving?
  • 3. “Who Am I?” This is a program that is geared toward children and the challenges of education and exposure to them and ways that we can give them a foundation about identity and sexuality that won’t destroy their innocence.
  • 4. “Who Are We?” What is our strategy to help people see that God is loving and His love compels us to live as He designed and created us to be. This time will also include a time for Questions and Answers.

SEMINAR: Healing, Sanctification, and Victory!

Mental distress, loneliness, the feeling of not being understood and fear of the approaching future are current impressions of many people. Many people cannot find a fulfilling meaning in their lives. There are people whose faith gives them a certain stability and yet they lack the certainty of salvation, the enjoyment of inner peace and the joy of the heart. Roman Ril invites us on a journey to discover the causes of need in this world and in our hearts! to discover! Let's explore together how we can personally experience healing of our wounded hearts, sanctification of our thinking and feeling and victory over harmful habits today!


  • 1. Who Am I and What Is the Meaning of My Life?
  • 2. What Prevents Me From Being Free?
  • 3. Who Is Jesus and Why Do I Need Him?
  • 4. How Can I Experience Emotional Healing and Freedom From Emotional Burden in My Life?

WORKSHOP (Tue+Wed): Your Microbiome: The Key to a Strong and Healthy Immune System

How can we prepare for the next health crisis? In this workshop, Roman and Raluca Ril show us the crucial role that the microbiome plays in the immune system and how we can develop and maintain a healthy microbiome and thus a healthy immune system.

WORKSHOP (Thu): At Your Fingertips

Roman and Raluca Ril will show us what simple, practical tips and applications we can find for balanced health! Health doesn't have to be complicated, there are simple but very effective applications that are practically “at our fingertips”!

YOUTH SEMINAR: The Secret of True Faith

I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me


The world is falling apart before our eyes. There are multiplying signs that the final confrontation is just approaching. Only those who truly know God will prevail. Those who have seen his glory and have genuine faith. In his message to Laodicea, Jesus reveals to us that we as a church have lost the experience of the gospel - but do not register this. In this youth seminar, Maurice Berry will show you how Jesus leads us out of this deception. He wants to share with you, based on the Bible, how we can come to a real relationship with Jesus. One that is unshakeable and carries you through everything victoriously. That prepares you to freely and fearlessly give the world the ultimate testimony of God's love.


His aim is therefore to show you also how to study the Bible in such a way that it becomes a power in your life.

WORKSHOP (3x): Ethiopia and the Messiah

From the Queen of Sheba to today the hope to meet the Messiah has been vibrant in Ethiopia. Anita Tun, manager of an orphanage in this country and Sitota Fikadu, a young lady who grew up in that orphanage, will introduce you to this rich history, culture and its present challenges.

WORKSHOP (3x): »Cool Friendship«

True friendship is the basis for a good marriage. Many people have no idea what true friendship really is. Jesus has a lot to tell us about this. Raimund Fuchs will do a friendship check with us and prepare us for a marriage in the spirit of the Creator. There are some basics from the Word of God on how to find the right partner for life and what a man or woman must pay attention to so that the relationship becomes »heaven on earth« and not hell!

WORKSHOP (3x): Biblical Principles of Horticulture

Inspired by the story of Noah and Joseph, Frank Thierauf wants to encourage you in this workshop to do what God wants us to do today, so that we can move forward "tomorrow" strengthened in faith. Practical precaution is not opposed to faith and trust, but shows an action under prayer and God's guidance.

WORKSHOP (1–3): The Everlasting Gospel

John Davis will cover the science of salvation i.e. the Gospel from a theological and practical perspective using the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.


  • 1. Tuesday: Christ's Nature – Foundation of the Gospel
  • 2. Wednesday: Justification and Sanctification Explained
  • 3. Thursday: How to Overcome Sin, Resist Temptations, Remain in the Vine, Walk in the Spirit

WORKSHOP (3x): Secure in Christ: Hope in the Psychiatric Ward

When Stephan Kobes entered a psychiatric ward for the first time, he had no idea of the compassion with which heavenly beings look upon patients. But on his very first day, he experienced how empathetically Jesus responds to human tragedies.


Stephan later gained an insight into everyday life on the ward as a volunteer. In this workshop, he shares his experiences in this field of work and shows what he has learned about dealing with psychiatric illness at Jesus' side. It shows how much God's children are needed in these places.

WORKSHOP (3x): Outreach

The excitement of getting to know God is great for us. we enjoy our friendship with him. But there are people who do not have this joy. They do not realize that there is a Father in heaven who cares for them. It is precisely in our neighborhood that we find people who do not know God. Roberto Castillo Arévalo would like to invite you to visit the people in the surrounding area together this week. After a short devotion (arrows in the spiritual quiver) we would like to make music for the people, encourage them, give them books and bring them closer to Jesus. So join us and gain new experiences in outreach. I look forward to seeing you.

WORKSHOPS: Choir and Orchestra

Anyone who likes to raise their voice in praise or praise God with "trumpets, harps, timpani, strings, pipes and tinkling cymbals..." (Ps. 150) is cordially invited by Eva Paul to make music together to the glory of the LORD. We will have a four-part choir and an orchestra and we look forward to welcoming all music enthusiasts. For the orchestra you should have at least two years of instrumental lessons.


  • 1. Choir 14:00 h
  • 2. Orchestra 15:00 h

PROGRAM Age 7–11: I Want to Be a Missionary!

Do you like adventures?


I, Stine Gro Struksnæs, do! Well, in this group you may get plenty of them! We are going to learn about interesting people who lived extraordinary lives for Jesus. We will ‘visit’ Africa, Australia and other exiting places and see what they went through to get the good news about Jesus to people who did not know Him. Instead of only sitting inside and listening to stories, we will also learn through treasure hunts outside.


And then it is our turn! We will turn our whole children group into a mission company divided in various workshops. You don’t need to join all activities, as we are all different, and God can use us in different ways! If you like to work with your hands, we need you! We will make birdhouses and cards and start our own little on-campus store to raise money for a missionary family in Africa. That will be so much fun! And if you like to surprise people, you may want to join me going from door to door singing and sharing out nice gifts.


I am looking forward to seeing you!

PROGRAM Age 3–6: Favorite Stories

This year, I am once again looking after the children aged 3-6. Last year, I asked the children about their favorite Bible stories and they quickly came up with lots of answers. We want to immerse ourselves in these “favorite stories”, explore them and make crafts to go with them. We will also have an outdoor activity every day and hope that the LORD will give us the right weather.


Yours Julija Neubauer

PROGRAM Age 0–2: Jesus Loves the Children

I, Madlen Leune, am very much looking forward to being there for the youngest visitors to this year's Bible camp. In the second part of the children's hour, we will play and crawl together. There will also be space and time for parents to talk among themselves.


I look forward to seeing you!


In this week's children's lesson for age 0–2 years, we want to explore various Bible stories together and have fun! Touching, feeling and smelling – even the little ones can do that!


Jolina Thierauf is looking forward to having a great time with you!

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