• 19.30hoffnung weltweitOpening


  • 7.00Salome Schönberger | Larissa ThieraufAbiding and Acting – Gottes Werk in mir
  • 9.30Eugen HartwichThe Transformation of your Life
  • 11.00John DavisThe Golden Chain The Nature of Christ
  • 19.45Tim RiesenbergerHow to Live to be 100


  • 7.00Tim HafemannJesus' Revelation
  • 9.30Tim RiesenbergerEternal Life
  • 11.00Eugen HartwichThe Experience of Your Life
  • 19.45John DavisJustification by Faith


  • 7.00Jael Geiger | Simon GeigerMiracles Galore
  • 9.30John DavisSanctification by Faith
  • 11.00Tim RiesenbergerNot Like Jesus
  • 19.45Eugen HartwichThe Revelation of Your Life


  • 7.00Olivia Seeger | Victoria SeegerPowerful Promise
  • 9.30Eugen HartwichWhat I always wanted to ask - in conversation
  • 11.00John DavisPrinciples of Cooperation and The Will
  • 19.45Tim RiesenbergerWhat Do You Want?


  • 7.00Anika Luft | Loreen RaßbachWhat Would You Do?
  • 9.30Rozelito & Alek Sandra CroscopMission – on the Road for God
  • 11.00Eugen HartwichThe Decision of Your Life
  • 15.00John DavisOvercoming as He Overcame
  • 16.15Mission Reports
  • 19.30Consecration hour


  • 7.00Christoph Bock | Maximilian SchäferThe Miracle of Sonship

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